Common questions about Paintball

If you have a question, have a look below for some of the common questions we get asked.

  • What are your Paintball Open Session Dates

    Le Mans Paintball Melbourne will be running Public Paintball Open Sessions for Adults and Kids 9+ years. No minimum number required. Bring your friends or come on your own.

    Indoor Paintball Open Sessions are at Le Mans Paintball on every last Friday of each month.

    Event dates:

    February 23
    March 23
    April 27
    May 25
    June 29
    September 28
    October 26
    November 30

    Paintball Open Sessions for 9+ years. –  Bookings required.

    Session: 4:30pm start time (Arrive at 4:00pm). Finish roughly 7pm.

    Special Package $30p/p includes:
    Unlimited paintballs
    2 paintball sessions and
    1 Glowball session (Glow-in-the-dark)
    Hot dog and drink
    Huge savings. Normally, $45.50

    Optional: paintball overall hire is $5p/p or bring a change of clothes. Also, Go kart for an extra $20p/p- Normally $28 approx ( 1 ride p/p)

    Paintball Open Sessions for 16+ years. –  Bookings required.

    Session: 8pm start time (Arrive at 7:30pm). Finish roughly 10pm.

    Paintball Package 16+ years $49p/p includes:

    Weapons training & briefing.
    3 sessions including 1 glow ball ( glow-in-the-dark) session.
    300 paintballs.
    All Equipment hire included; cricket box (yours to keep),
     chest protection (for women) and overall hire. SAVE $10p/p.
    Male and Female change rooms with showers (separate).

    To book your awesome experience simply contact the bookings office between 9am to 5pm, 7 days. Call 87-87-87-41 or email [email protected]

  • What type of guns do you operate for adults and kids?

    Participants aged 16+ years use high impact paintball guns by Tippmann FT.  Children 9-15  years old use a low impact spring loaded gun by JT Splatmaster.

  • What is Glowball?

    Glowball is glow-in-the-dark paintball offered during session 3 and session 4. At the flick of a switch the paintballs and surrounds are florescent, giving the field a new appearance and dimension.

  • Do you operate paintball games at night?

    Yes! We’re indoor and don’t have weather or sunlight restrictions. We play Glowball as well which is glow-in-the-dark paintball!

  • Are they good quality paintballs?

    Yes. We use premium grade paintballs that are biodegradable that can be washed off clothing.

  • How long does a session of paintball last?

    Duration time for a session is approximately 10 minutes or until all paintballs have been fired. We recommend you allow 30 minutes to complete the first session as there is a briefing and fire arms training.

  • What type of paintball field is at Le Mans?

    Le Mans operates a state of the art indoor paintball field which includes inflatable bunkers. Le Mans Paintball also operates glow ball sessions in the dark.

  • What should I wear on the field?

    Fully enclosed shoes/boots with good traction and support are a must. Casual clothes are recommended and camouflaged suits are available for hire. Masks and neck protectors are provided.

  • How many people do I have to have to play paintball?

    Minimum number varies depending on day of the week. Please call 03 87-87-87-41.

  • Is there an indemnity form to fill in for paintball?

    Yes. Please contact bookings staff for more information.

  • Can participants drink alcohol before or during sessions?

    No. Le Mans Paintball has a strict zero blood alcohol allowance policy. Participants which consume alcohol during/before playing will be ejected from the arena. Le Mans has a breathalyser which can also be used if participants are suspected to be under the influence of alcohol. Le Mans can sell alcohol after the final session.

  • How can I receive the courtesy bus?!

    If bookings wish to use our courtesy bus they must have a minimum of 10 participants and must inform our booking staff upon booking. Please note the bus is subject to availability.

  • Can you book Paintball with other activities?

    Yes. Le Mans has combo’s which groups can choose from which can be a mixture of any/all of the activities we have at the complex.

  • Can you have refreshments/food during a paintball session?

    Yes. In-between sessions groups are more than welcome to purchase refreshments. If groups wish to include catering/function room hire please inform our booking staff upon placing your booking.

  • Can Over 16’s years participants play with under 16’s players?

    Yes. All players will be using low impact paintball guns due to there being under 16’s years in the group. Please note that the minimum age for high impact paintball changed recently to 16 years.

  • What time should a group arrive to start on time?

    Le Mans Paintball requires a 30 minutes arrival time prior to the scheduled booking time. Also, if you have more players on the day than originally booked please call and inform paintball staff so our staff can prepare your equipment.

  • Do I need to bring photo I.D with me?

    Yes. Anybody wishing to play high impact (16 years+) needs to leave their photo I.D ( preferably a drivers licence) at our paintball reception. Le Mans will return your I.D after booking is completed.

  • Can I choose to play all sessions in just Glowball?

    No. We require all participants to play at least 2 sessions under normal lighting to ensure each player is capable of playing safely prior to activating glowball.

  • Do you run any sort of team games, or do individuals just run around shooting at one another?

    Yes. We have an array of games, which are organised by the referee on duty.

  • If someone did get hurt, do you have qualified first aid staff available?

    Yes. At the venue and in reception we have qualified staff available to assist if an incident were to occur.

  • What sort of protection do you have for adult males and females?

    All players receive a helmet and neck protector complimentary. Overalls cost $5pp to hire ( optional) Females receive a vest to protect their chests. Males can purchase a cricket protector (box) for $5pp. We recommend that you bring casual enclosed shoes. You can also bring your own overalls.

  • Does it hurt to be hit by a paintball?

    No, if you’re playing low impact paintball.

    Yes, if you’re playing high impact paintball.

    When you’re hit during high impact the sting is similar to being struck by an elastic band, its quickly forgotten about in the heat of battle. You can choose to play high or low impact paintball paintball. Bookings staff can explain this in greater detail.